Alex Pall Plots Chainsmokers Future

A day after the release of “Closer” Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart (The Chainsmokers) talked about the past, present and future of the DJ dance band that by their own admission is a unique blur between indie, hip hop, pop, dance, and their own experience.

Pall gives much credit to the rave reviews that “Closer” has already garnered to the voice of Halsey and her unique style. He admits that the tune was composed by Drew Taggart and himself on their tour bus. The appearance of Taggart as a part of the vocals is another step that the DJ band has taken in a new direction.

Pall waxes a bit nostalgic in noting that he began his career as a DJ at a very young age. The decision to make music his life’s work happened in a New York art gallery. Alex Pall ditched his day job and became a full-time chainsmoker.

He met Drew Taggert through his then and present agent. The two hit it off based on common experiences in early life and the fact that Pall’s DJ experience was complementary to Taggert’s production and DJ skills. They claim The Chainsmokers were born at first sight.

Alex Pall credits the success of The Chainsmokers to an incredible work ethic. The duo put in 10 hour days creating their music and their brand on top of doing gigs when they first started out. Fame and fortune have not slowed the pace a lot.

Pall is still taken aback by the gargantuan reception that songs about his personal life have had. He credits much of the group’s international fame to social media like Instagram. The growth of the fan demographic has had a defining impact on the group’s tour plans, production, and ideas for new techniques.

Pall tacitly admits that there is a huge playlist of unreleased Chainsmoker songs. Many of these cuts were created during the early years of the group’s development. The plans for a full size album are in development.

Pall prefers to keep his focus on presenting the most exciting visual and auditory experience possible for his fans. The groups redefined DJ and Pall plans to keep things that way.