All about Heather Parry

Heather Parry is well known as the president of the Nation production. Her company managed to produce the biggest film called “A star is born”. Despite her company being looked down upon, she always portrayed her confidence which yielded to much success. This marveled most people who never expected much out of that company.

Heather Parry

This enabled Heather Parry to carry out television shows and production of documentaries and the entertainment in general. Through her great achievement of creating a film for a pop singer, and contributing in conveying information relayed in books, she was considered as a brilliant lady who is eager to achieve more in whatever she does

She began as MTV presenter in 22 years age and later increased her rank by becoming the chief producer and film developer. While at that position, she got the first “Twilight” but MTV never realized its potential

In 2005, heather Parry stopped working at MTV and decided to head the film of Happy Madison production. In ten years’ time she managed to come up with a film called “The House Bunny” as a start of making her potential known. She made some discoveries and experiences during the three years which helped her promote musical films.

The Nation Has owned more than 100 music events by now. This has brought great returns in terms of massive tickets sold to the interested parties. Statistics proves that Nation has the lion’s share of fans globally. Recently the company is hitting the news headlines due to tremendous achievements all of whose contributions come from Parry.

Her services were in huge demand by people regardless of their positions. Infact she gained respect more than she expected due to her success in her career path.


To conclude, what you do is never determined by how people take you. It all begins by understanding oneself and exploiting the potential.

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