Ara Chackerian Talks About The Promises Of Digital Medicine

Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur who combines technology and the healthcare industry together. He is also an angel investor who helps other entrepreneurs build up new business enterprises. He is also a philanthropist who has helped a number of nonprofits around the world including in Nicaragua and Armenia. One of the companies he co-founded was TMS Health Solutions, a Bay Area company that helps people who have depression that isn’t being successfully treated with talk therapy and prescriptions. For these people his company offers transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)which helps their depression after a series of visits to this company’s clinics.


As for trends in the healthcare industry he is closely following, Ara Chackerian says that would be digital healthcare. He thinks that digital assisted healthcare apps and telemedicine can be used to really bring down the costs of medical treatment while also being successful in helping people with the health goals. An example he used was an app that would be able to detect when someone has come depressed. He says that depressed people often change how they speak and how much they speak. Algorithms in these mobile apps can detect that and the patient and their provider can determine what the triggers were. Check out thenewsversion for more details.



According to Patch, he has addressed how health care can be out of reach for lower income people and sometimes too much for even higher income people to manage. Ara Chackerian says that getting health care in first-world countries can really be a challenge, especially for those people who have chronic diseases or physical conditions that require they often go to doctors. He says this issue doesn’t affect just the United States but also other countries such as France, Japan, and the United Kingdom. One of the challenges is in making sure health care industries are funded adequately and most countries are not doing so.


Chackerian says that people are living longer than they ever have before which while great also increases the costs of healthcare. He says that each type of model countries are choosing to adopt in regard to their healthcare systems have pros and cons, whether that’s longer wait times or higher costs among other issues.



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