Barbara Stokes and GSH Bring Relief to Hurricane Victims in Record Time

Green Structure Homes have been doing what many organizations have not been able to do for an extended period. The company has been able to meet the housing unit demands after the hurricane strike. This is after many people were left homeless where the natural catastrophe struck after many months of warning from weather departments and local agencies. Through the leadership of Barbara Stokes, the firm build many houses within a short period that helped to solve the house demands that had exceeded what was already on offer. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

Barbara Stokes took charge of the project that was awarded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) with the aim of providing housing units that could accommodate all the people who were experiencing house shortages after their homes had been brought down. Green Structure Homes were recommended because they had proved to be reliable even in extreme weather conditions. The Federal government was not prepared to build house units that could be easily destroyed when hurricanes strike again. GSH had been offering durable, and quality homes are making it the best option to handle the project.

The other aspect that Barbara Stokes, the chief executive officer of GSH, did is developing a strategy that involved building state of the art houses that can be moved from one place to another. The house units build had a modern kitchen, state of the art bathroom, and bedroom. Moreover, the houses were made in a design that ensured ample space was available for anything the homeowner would choose to add into their homes. A one fits all strategy is highly discouraged by Barbara Stokes as it doesn’t offer quality services to the customers.


Barbara Stoke led organization delivered quality houses within the required period hence helping in settling thousands of families that had been left homeless for some few months. The houses were built within a short period thus ensuring that families don’t spend much time in the cold. Moreover, the housing units constructed by Barbara Stokes led Green Structure Homes are energy efficient which reduces the energy cost that one has to offer while staying in these houses. They are also environmental-friendly such that they can minimize waste disposal through recycling. Read more at Business Insider.