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As an influential billionaire among Republicans, Betsy DeVos is one of the three wealthiest department heads in the Trump administration. Therefore, she wishes to use her wealth to help promote educational reform. She stated during her confirmation hearing before the Senate that she believes that some schools do not serve their students well.


She has repeatedly hammered home the point that she wants to give parents a choice, which means that she wants to give parents the ability to choose private and religious schools for their children. For years she has promoted the right of parents to select the most appropriate educational milieu for their young children. At the national level, Betsy DeVos founded the American Federation for Children in 2010 to support this movement. Betsy DeVos also took the oath of office before Vice President Mike Pence in Washington, D.C., on February 7, 2017.


In Michigan, where her husband was a candidate for governor in 2006, the couple has been funding a cause for ten years: the development of charter schools, private schools partly financed by public funds. She has thus made Michigan a laboratory for the creation of “charter schools,” private schools partially funded by federal funds where the teaching teams have a great deal of autonomy over school curricula and educational methods. As expected, the Republican-majority Senate confirmed her in her post on Tuesday, February 7, 2017. With the vote of Mike Pence, the Vice President, the Senate validated the candidate chosen by Donald Trump.


The new Secretary for Education is also promoting the “education voucher” system, enabling parents to finance their children’s schooling at home or in private schools. Her appointment as the United States Secretary of Education in Donald Trump’s government reflects the rest of the cabinet formation. The DeVos couple has also campaigned and funded the development of charter schools in their home state of Michigan since the 1990s.


Her campaigns have translated into intense lobbying promoting charter schools and education vouchers, especially in the state of Michigan. The new Republican Secretary for Education Betsy DeVos was also interrogated before the Senate committee responsible for confirming appointments to the government. Education vouchers supply pupils, as emphasized by campaigners, an alternative to public educational facilities that also happen to be criticized by conservatives as a consequence of the impact of the unions as well as the impossibility of firing instructors considered to be undesirable.


The new U.S. Secretary for Education Betsy DeVos has worked very hard to support students in the classroom. She has also made it possible for concerned parents to help make choices in support of their young children. Her efforts have also, for the most part, been targeted at helping low-income adolescents.


She has repeatedly made it clear that she would like to support the idea of enabling concerned parents to be able to pick the right schooling for their young children. Also, these ideas mentioned by Betsy DeVos have been at the heart of a debate on how to evaluate the level of American schools for several years.


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