Betsy DeVos Recounts How She Became A Champion Of School Choice

More than 50 years ago, Milton Friedman wrote the book entitled, “The Role Of Government In Education.” it was in this work that Freeman first start out as one of the first advocates for school choice. He probably didn’t realize he was starting a movement, but he was. Indeed, this original idea has mushroomed into one that has many followers. One of these individuals is now the current Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos. She recounts in a 2013 interview how she became a champion of school choice.


Although some site separation of church and state and Phil students are being pushed into religious schools, DeVos knows better. She realizes it is just about giving all children the same opportunity that her children had. Not only that, but she is definitely pleased with the progress so far. Indeed, the statistics definitely back her up:


First of all, as of 2013 there were 250000 students and 33 private Choice programs in 17 States and the District of Columbia. DeVos and one of her organization’s conducted pulling in five states and it showed that school choice had enormous support, especially among Latinos. Betsy DeVos knows the movement is blowing Steam, and she herself is a relatively new believer, and it was a combination of things that got her to this point.


The first thing that occurred actually was when their own kids were still in school themselves. They had the opportunity to visit The Potter’s House private school in Grand Rapids, and they immediately noticed many low-income parents very determined to give their children the best education possible. Their hearts were truly touched, and it prompted Betsy’s husband Dick to run for the State Board of Education in 1990. Betsy DeVos responded by starting a foundation that would help the parents of kids in her area that wanted to attend private schools. However, and their heart of hearts they realized that this was only a token effort and would not fundamentally solve the problems of education in their country.


She would later go on to promote to serve on the boards of several charities promoting school choice and would found the Great Lakes Education Project. She and her husband worked on sponsoring a bill to provide a tax credit for middle-class individuals to send their children to private schools. Her efforts were actually so successful that many of her friends began to believe it should become a national movement in the early 2000’s. This is how it started, and Betsy DeVos will not rest until EVERYONE can give their child the best education possible.


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