End Citizens United: The Advertising Support And The Birthday

End Citizens United is involved in the elections for 2018, as they are every year. What they did for Democrat Conor Lamb helped to secure his victory for Pennslyvania’s 18th District. This was a state that Trump won.

End Citizens United purchased $250,000 worth of advertising to help Lamb win against Rick Saccone. There was digital media campaigns, as well as traditional television campaigns used to hammer home what Lamb stood for as a candidate. Was it effective? Yes. End Citizens United loved that fact that Lamb is denouncing donated money that is not being shown in transparency. He made it clear that he would not accept those types of donations and is a man of his word. Some of that dirty money can be a means to control a candidate’s actions.

End Citizens United wants to stop such things from happening. It is a good thing that this group is here. They raise awareness of so many wonderful causes. If a candidate has their backing, they should always uphold their end of the bargain. That is what makes this such a positive outcome. The advertising that End Citizens United purchased, gave Lamb and the Democrats a much-needed boost. Once Trump won the presidential election, the party was looking to bounce back. Without End Citizens United’s involvement, they could not have done that.

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Tiffany Muller, who is the president and executive director of End Citizens United, is celebrating her birthday. She will be leaving out of Washington to head down to the Carribean for some much needed fun with her family. Drinks, reading, and snorkeling are part of her plans while on vacation. Muller moved to Topeka, Kansas to get her start in politics. She became an activist for the gay and lesbian community. Her hard work paid off when she became a member of the Topeka City Council. This gave Muller the grassroots organizing experience that she needed. An interest in criminal justice reform is another passion of hers. A book called ”Blood in the Water”, talked about the conditions of the Attica prison. Heather Ann Thompson is the author of the book. It also explained how the government was covering it up. This is what led to a dangerous riot. Mullet started her career based on domestic abuse and sexual abuse. Having the Me Too Movement finally clear a path for victims to speak out against sexual harassment, uncovers the evils that women face. It shows that a lot of work must be done in this country to let abusers and harasser know that enough is enough. Muller needs that time off because when she gets back, the work is going to really tough.

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