From Movies To Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff: Sean Penn

Sean Penn is an author of the book about bob honey, a person who just do stuff and it is an interesting book that you will be interested to read it slowly. In the book, the language he uses has uncommon descriptive words which most of the people may not be able to recognize. But in case you a dictionary application in your smartphone, then you will be required to keep it, especially when going through his peculiar debut novel.


The other method is by reading it into segments because his because will leave you when you are feeling baffled and at times reflective. In the main characters stories, the organization of the book contents can’t be predicted in any way. It is full of poetry mix, fiction stories, and ranting. Originally, it was just a short audiobook where Penny narrated it and then released it in 2016.


He later expanded it so that it could include broad perspective on the modern social issues and the stories to become more detailed. For those who like to cut classic, this is the best book you can read and you will be able to discover the relevant truth in today’s society.


It was in an interview when Sean Penn talked about his book. Describing the way he is feeling after having a book under his belt instead of a screenplay. He says that it Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff something different because at the end of the film project, you can sometimes benefit from it especially in the collaboration of the others and at times you are forced to adjust some things which were not your ideal but at the end walk away proud. Sometimes you can walk away when you are very disappointed because of failing idea that is your own or having a collaborative fail. What he likes is standing by something that is all his so that he can feel complete without making any apologies.


When he was asked whether he is having another project related to a movie, he said that he has nothing that is related to acting now. He has a movie floating around and he feels like directing it but it’s particularly unto itself. But in his views, he doesn’t have that general interest in making films. The time he has is writing books now.