How Doe Deere Found the American Dream as an Immigrant

Xenia Vorotova, now known as Doe Deere by loyal customers, was born in Izhevsk, Russia and idealized coming to the USA. She imagined herself living the American dream that she read and heard about through media outlets. She immersed herself in American culture and began to learn English. At age 17, the young immigrant got the chance to live her dream when her mother moved her and her sister to the United States.

Deere’s family planned to travel to New York City because they believed there would be more opportunities there. She admits it was a bit of a shock to go from Izhevsk’s small half million population to the staggering 7.4 million population that New York had in 1998. In addition, the family’s life savings and ambitions weren’t enough for the three petite women to support themselves. Deere’s mother was a trained accountant but since her credits took too long to transfer to the United States, her mother began cleaning for income. Doe Deere began pet sitting for additional wages but it was still hard for them to stay afloat.

Eventually, the family moved to a homeless shelter and was introduced to the social program Sanctuary for Families, which was aimed at helping immigrant women who were financially struggling. The organization’s leader saw some of Doe Deere’s fashion sketches and decided to help her enroll in the Fashion institute of Technology. Her mother found a job as an accountant and her sister enrolled at Columbia University. Soon the sisters were able to move out on their own and explore new paths.

In the 2000s, Xenia Vorotova changed her name to Doe Deere and began her own makeup company which she named Lime Crime. Deere was able to live the American dream and find success through her cosmetic line. She used social media to get the word out of her products and demonstrate how the larger than life colors worked together. She hopes to inspire other immigrants to continue searching for the American dream in the United States.