Jeff Herman: A Sought-After Attorney on Sexual Abuse Cases

In an article from the Herman Law, Cory Feldman who is an actor and Sarah Powers-Barnhard, a volleyball player in the United States of America, have teamed up to challenge the Senate Republicans in passing the Childs Victims Act. Corey hopes that a coalition which is supporting the drive will push enough for the endorsement of that bill. He says that he cannot stand and bear to witness childhood abuse getting its way. The Senate Bill that is sponsored by Brad Hoylman would do away with the civil and criminal statutes that limit sexual child abuse in many cases in New York State. The present statute of the limitations of those lawsuits is allowing the legal action that relates to sexual abuse cases to be presented in court within five years since the crime happened. Among other things, the nature of the sexual abuse case can also affect the civic lawsuit. In addition, anyone would have around one year to sue someone unless they are associated with a church or school institution. If that were the case, the person would have three years towards filing their lawsuit. However, the countdown for the years begins when the accused turns 18 years.

Jeff Herman is an attorney at Herman Law with so much aggression, passion, and skills in law. He is a strong advocate and lawyer for rape, sexual exploitation, and sexual abuse survivors. Jeff has done an excellent job in that area hence the most recommended in cases revolving around civic sexual abuse where he gives 100 percent devotion. Through his career, Jeff Herman has firmly represented more than a thousand individuals and within the last two decades, he has established a great national practice hence becoming a leading attorney and pioneer for sexual child abuse. He is a devoted champion when it comes to defending the rights of his clients in whatever circumstances. In that effect, Jeff founded the Herman Law and is a managing partner at the firm. In his sharing, Jeff Herman says that the idea of Herman Law came from an encounter he had when he was a commercial litigator and was referred to a case. The case involved a son who was abused in pre-school and in the course of that, he realized that such vices happened often. This led him to establish a way of helping families recover from such pain.

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