Jose Hawilla – What it takes to be an entrepreneur

To be a good entrepreneur a person must have certain skills and capabilities. Experience plays a big part in a person’s ability to become a successful entrepreneur. Most entrepreneurs have spent many years working in the field that they choose to be an entrepreneur in.

Most entrepreneurs take advantage of skills they already have and focus on strengthening skills that they don’t have. Many entrepreneurs are naturally self-motivated. They become their own bosses, and so they need to be able to encourage themselves to get work done. Depending on the field they work in, most entrepreneurs have to learn how to interact with different personality types. People quickly learn that the ability to work with anyone will take them far on the path of success.

If a person wants to be an entrepreneur, they have to take an analytical look at their skills. If they do not have all the skills necessary to succeed in a certain field of business than an entrepreneur will have to rely on their ability to hire and trust other people. You can visit

Teamwork is often overlooked when discussing entrepreneurship, but it is an important part of any successful business. Truly great entrepreneurs are able to inspire others and to lead them to their goals. Check out educacaofisica for more.

Jose Hawilla is an entrepreneur and businessman who is a great example of the necessary traits required to succeed. Hawilla was born in Brazil and began his professional career as a journalist. He has over ten years of experience in different areas of broadcast, including television and radio. In 1979, when he left the world of journalism, Jose Hawilla knew he had what it took to be a great entrepreneur. He and three partners bought a small marketing company called Traffic. Since that time, Hawilla has grown the business into Brazil’s leading sports marketing company.

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