Kate Hudson Revolutionizes Fabletics’ Marketing Approach

While Amazon controls 20% of the fashion e-commerce market, is no mean feat to succeed in the fashion e-commerce market. However, Kate Hudson continues to thrive amid increased competition, generating $250 million in revenue within three years. Fabletics uses an online subscription approach to sell its sportswear. Historically, high-value brands have been defined by the quality of goods and services. However, a recent shift in economics means this combination no longer guarantees success. Modern consumers now determine value brands based on customer experience, exclusive designs, and brand recognition.


Fabletics looks forward to opening more physical stores in Illinois, California, Hawaii, and Florida to add to the sixteen that are operational. Fabletics opened its first brick and mortar retail outlet in 2015. The fashion powerhouse plans to open 75 to 100 retail stores in the next five years. According to Gregg Throgmartin, Fabletics wants to build a modern and reimagined version of the high-value brand.


Fabletics’ membership model allows it to offer custom-tailored services and on-trend fashion at an affordable price. Gregg believes it’s easy to meet customers’ needs when you understand their interests and preferences. Unlike competitors who allow people to browse offline but buy items elsewhere, Fabletics has reversed the showrooming model. Fabletics has turned browsing into a useful marketing tool. While Fabletics could have gone the physical store route, its online subscription strategy enables it to build relationships and grow its local markets through events. As a result, 30-50% of people who visit Fabletics stores are already members while 25% of shoppers become members after visiting the stores.


About Kate Hudson, Co-Founder of Fabletics


Fabletics was officially launched on October 1, 2013, by Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler, and Kate Hudson. It is an American online subscription retailer specializing in sports apparel. Fabletics is well known for its e-commerce business approach but also operates pop-up stores. It offers personalized apparel based on individual lifestyle and fashion preference. Fabletics is an affiliate of JustFab, which changed its name to TechStyle Fashion Group.


In 2015, Kate Hudson partnered with his brother Oliver Hudson to launch, FL2, men’s sportswear line. A year later, it expanded beyond sportswear by adding swimsuits and dresses to its inventory. Fabletics’ revenue increased by 35% each year, securing $250 million within its first three years in operation. It uses pop-up stores to increase its membership. Fabletics stocks apparel based on trends in the fashion industry.