Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: Retiring From The Executive Position

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has been one of the best executives who handled Bradesco Bank. He spent most of his life serving the bank, starting when he was only 17 years old and began working as a bank clerk. The growth of Bradesco Bank inspired him to work for the company which traced its beginnings to his hometown in Marilia before the management decided to move their headquarters in the city of Sao Paolo. The young dreamer has been hoping each day to get promoted, and he would always do things that would impress his superior. His wishes came true after his superior noticed his perseverance and determination to reach for the stars, and he was promoted to a higher position.

After his promotion, Cappi did better than before. His hard work paid off as he was promoted once again to a higher level until he reached the executive department. After the retirement of the previous president of Bradesco Bank, the board of directors reviewed the application of those who wanted to apply for the position, and it was Cappi who was selected because of his positive track record and the number of years he served the company according to Under the leadership of Cappi, he made sure that Bradesco Bank will be able to beat its competitors, especially Banco Itau and Unibanco, which has undergone a merger in 2009.


Cappi has so many ideas in his mind on how to put Bradesco Bank back into the top. One of the ideas that he had was to forge partnerships with other financial institutions across Brazil. One of his main targets was HSBC Brazil, because of its huge number of assets. He started talking with the executives at HSBC Brazil, and he persuaded them to join Bradesco Bank. The talks would last for months, and because of his persistent persuasion to the executives at HSBC Brazil, they decided to sign the contract and had the company sold for $5.2 billion. It was one of the largest transactions in the history of Brazil, and Cappi feels very proud of his accomplishment.

After the acquisition of HSBC Brazil, Cappi started to acquire smaller banks which are serving the local and remote areas of the country. These aggressive mergers and acquisitions from Bradesco Bank kicked off their value, and it rose tremendously. The board of directors at Bradesco Bank thanked Cappi for his hard work, and they stated that their choice back then was right.

This year, Cappi reached the tentative age for retirement, and he has to step down from his position as the president of Bradesco Bank. The board of directors has chosen Octavio de Lazari Junior to succeed Cappi, as he would be stepping down beginning in the first quarter of 2018. After stepping down as the president of Bradesco Bank, he would also step down in some positions within the company, including the chairman of the board, among others. Cappi expressed his deepest gratitude to everyone who became a part of his corporate journey, and he assured everyone at Bradesco Bank that he would always open his contact for them to seek his assistance and advice.