NGP VAN Helps Democrats Mobilize Effective Political Campaigns

Political campaigns need strong mobilization and a dedicated team. All of this is not possible today without strong software to back up the campaign. Technology has always been important during a political campaign. Today NGP VAN software helps assist Democrat candidates with keeping a strong performing political campaign going.


The former president of the Untied States Barack Obama used the NGP VAN campaign software as a major tool for his campaign being a success. This tool was used to help him connect with voters with social media and by organizing rallies for his candidacy. Other heavy hitting Democrat candidates and progressive candidates like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders used NGP VAN software as the technology backbone to strengthen their campaigns. Democrat candidates in the upcoming 2018 midterms are gearing up their campaigns with NGP VAN software as well to have the best campaign as possible.


In the 21st Century utilizing technology within a campaign requires software that connects social media and properly utilizes it to make connection to voters through social media. The Obama campaign largely mobilized by use of connectivity through social media. His presidential campaign was the first of its kind and it made voter participation increase dramatically. It was a revolution of sorts on how modern day political campaigning should embrace social media to make a connection to voters. Since his election, every presidential candidate and other political seat candidates have embraced social media as a part of their technique to reach out to voters.


NGP VAN created a technology advantage for president Obama. The software helped to keep a count on voters and assisted with collecting and balancing out the finances for the campaign. In the past campaigns had to sift through paper voter data base information. NGP VAN has removed that from being necessary.


With the 2018 midterms on the horizon, other Democrat candidates should consider mobilizing with the NGP VAN software. The NGP VAN software or other alternatives to social connection and campaign donation collecting is necessary to have a successful campaign.