Paul Mampilly, Hope For The Regular Man

Profits Unlimited is one of the fastest-growing newsletters presently. With over 60000 subscribers, the newsletters’ growth prospects can never be more certain. Paul Mampilly seeks to empower the regular American on how to invest their money wisely through the newsletter.

He began as an assistant portfolio manager at bankers trust. He worked at Wall Street for over 20 years and grew into a multi-billion investor for companies like ING, Deutsche Bank, and Kinetics International. Profits unlimited is the future for him now.

Paul Mampilly no longer has to bear the burden of investing for his customers, but instead, he writes an eight-page monthly news letter of recommendation for a new stock The newsletter informs the client where to invest and where not to invest.

While it could seem humbling to move from the quick million dealings to dealing with the regular investor, it is very exciting for Paul Mampilly. The burden of dealing with billions is very overwhelming. The pressure to perform is too much. Failing in such instances is a never an option Taking a back seat is a welcome idea for him.


He says that his experience at Wall Street was exciting, but the opportunities for investment were left to the elite only. He saw the need to have other individuals on board so that they could invest more wisely for fulfilling lives.

Subscribers have given their testimonies of their successes following the investment tips in the news letter. Alan L was recorded saying that he had for the first time in his life made lots of profit after investing in stocks suggested by Paul.

Another of his subscribers that had generated $45190 said that he had never come across an investment advisor like Paul.

Paul Mampilly believes that he stays afloat because he is dynamic. If he fails in a certain venture, he has to do things differently. He says that he would have read more books and invested in stocks if time could go back.

Paul looks out for the many opportunities that are opening up with unlimited profit and for him, the needs of the clients come first.