Richard Blair – article recap

Wealth Solutions is an Austin, Texas-based Registered Investment Advisory firm. The founder, Richard Blair, created the company to satisfy the needs of clientele located in the Austin, Texas area. Richard Blair’s Wealth Solutions looks to partner with a variety of clientele, ranging from individuals and families to small businesses.

Richard Blair has been in the business of financial consulting since 1994. He began his journey when he began to pursue his degree in Finance. Richard Blair eventually graduated in 1993. He immediately entered the world of finance and started his own private firm named Wealth Solutions in Austin, Texas.

Richard Blair used his family history to leverage his firm’s services to his clients. His wife, mother, and grandmother were all teachers. He grew up firsthand understanding the value of being able to teach and how it can build confidence. With his family background in teaching and his passion for finance, Richard Blair believes these two strengths can provide a unique edge to the solutions he offers.

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions follows a three-pillar approach to address their clients solutions.

  1. The first pillar is designed to assist the client in developing a financial roadmap. This step allows Wealth Solutions to determine what the client expects from their services by gaging variables such as their client’s strengths, goals, and risk tolerance. It’s also the time to show them growth opportunities.
  1. The second pillar is designed to focus on longer-term strategies of the client. This pillar is highly sensitive to the client’s liquidity needs and investment goals. During this phase, Mr. Blair emphasizes that the client’s investments are maximized during a positive swing in the market. He also mitigates losses during town turns for his clients.
  1. The third and final pillar is meant to meet the insurance needs of his clients. This need is met only after the client’s goals and strategies are established. These services may include long-term care, life insurance, and other amenities.

Richard Blair continues to provide his clients with professional, objective, and unbias solutions. His 23 years of experience has given him immense leverage in his field. This leverage along with a background in finance and his family’s experience in education will push him to new heights of success.


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