Robert Santiago Single-handedly Changes the Fortunes of Joao Pessoa

Roberto Santiago was born and raised in the Brazilian City of Joao Pessoa. His early venture in entrepreneurship was the founding of a cartonage company. He later moved to the real estate sector in 1989, where he established his brand in the city’s jewel, the Manaira Shopping Mall. Santiago attended the Pio X Marist College and graduated with a Business Administration Degree.


Developing the Manaira Shopping Mall

The Manaira Shopping Mall is by far the largest mall in the state of Paraiba, and also one of the most astounding landmarks in the whole of Brazil. It took two years to complete the construction, starting in 1987 and coming to a close in 1989.

Manaira Shopping Mall houses a theater, a concert hall, boardrooms, gym, and fitness center, a college, bank and a ton of shopping centers.


The Domus Hall

This is a special feature in the entire Mall. It was completed in 2009, a conditioned hall for the performance of concerts, conferences, exhibitions and trade fairs. 10,000 people can comfortably fit into the Domus Hall. It is packed with individual cabins for private affairs and an overly spacious ground floor.

The entertainment here includes theaters, gaming rooms, shows, music and a food court. More restaurants were created in 2008, 2012 and 2014. Food is diverse and plenty, and the budgets accommodating. Some of the high-end restaurants include the Capital Steakhouse, Waynes, and the Espaco Gourmet.


A Home where all are Welcome

The Manaira Shopping Mall has been dubbed the home new home for everyone in Paraiba state. There is nothing that one cannot find from jewelry for ladies, general clothing, latest books, clothes and even sports gear. There is a college; the Higher Education of Paraiba, making the place jammed with all manner of activity.


An Investment worth It

For over 20 years, Roberto Santiago has invested in the development of the Manaira Shopping Mall into the attraction site that it has become. The center attracts people from all corners of Brazil and particularly the Paraiba regions.

Upon the completion of the Domus Hall in 2009, great music has been attracted into the city, drawing interest from local talent and the international players. Roberto Santiago has contributed enormously to his community in a way one would not have imagined.


Reaching for New Horizons

Roberto Santiago built another mega mall in Joao Pessoa, called the Moreira. Without a doubt, the two malls have shaped the city’s social and economic fortune. There are thousands of visitors pouring into the city as well as the employment opportunities created for the locals. The costs of purchasing land in the area have skyrocketed and shake-ups experienced.