Ronald Fowlkes A Law Enforcement Personnel Who Stands Out From The Rest

Time and again, there are stories posted about law enforcement personnel who have made a difference and positively impacted society. Ronald Fowlkes is one such individual who has worked hard, served his country and is now working as a business development management personnel for Eagle Industries Unlimited. So, what makes Ronald Fowlkes a pioneer and stand out from the rest? Let’s find out.


Ronald Fowlkes embarked on his journey to serve and protect his country by joining the cause of the United States Marine Corps during 1989 – 1993. During his tenure with the Marine Corps, he was promoted twice due to sheer merits which resulted in him becoming a veteran of the First Gulf War.


With skills such as Marine Combat Training along with various certifications from an Engineers school, Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company, U.S. Army Parachute School Insignia, and NSWF Combat Diver School, Ronald Fowlkes can be considered as a force to reckon with. What’s more is that while working with ANGLICO, Ronald Fowlkes was part of crucial air and naval gunfire missions that used a myriad of radio equipment both encrypted and non-encrypted along with MULE lasers.


Not many people can brag about working as a Defence Contractor with The Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization. Ronald Fowlkes has managed to accomplish this mammoth task while working for the USA while he was posted at Iraq. His major duties consisted of mounted and dismounted infantry in real time combat situations, aiding and instruction U.S based Military personnel in tactical operations, evidence collection, post-blast analysis, CQB and hostage rescue and questioning of detained individuals using tactical approaches.


With more than 13 years of experience in the law enforcement sector, Ronald Fowlkes also has been declared as a certified instructor in tactical rifle operation, defensive tactics, shoot house, and last but not the least SWAT warfare tactics. Ronald Fowlkes also has a significant amount of hands on experience with self-initiated investigations of gang activity on a larger scale, illegal gun possession of suspected individuals and the trafficking of illegal narcotics. This unit also doubled up as a WMD Response Team and Civil Disobedient Team when there was an urgent need for personnel to respond quickly and swiftly.


Ronald Fowlkes works with the Business Development Division as a Manager; this division is part of the of Law Enforcement and Commercial products for Eagle Industries Unlimited. Ronald Fowlkes currently handles customer’s nationwide while providing in-depth product education to more than 150 sales personnel. Another important part of his job profile includes product selection for development and sale.


In a nutshell, it can be stated that with the many years of tactical training, combat training and field experience, Ronald Fowlkes is a valuable asset for his firm and the United States of America as he has the needed skill set to serve, protect, disarm suspects and do a lot more single-handed.