Scott Rocklage’s quest for a cure for RNA related illnesses

Establishments like Sanofi Undertakings, Kleiner Perkin Undertakings, Novartics Fund Ventures, Alexandria Savings, RA Capital Administration and 5 AM Ventures have come together to fund a project that aims at combating a disorder called muscular dystrophy. Muscular dystrophy is a disorder caused by DMI. DMI is a condition that occurs when there is a production of toxic levels of RNA in the body cells during their transfer from DNA and conversion into proteins. The condition leads to the defectiveness of vital organs in the body like the heart, the respiratory organs, organs in the gastrointestinal system and those in the hormonal system as well as the muscular system. DMI is known to affect several individuals in a single family, and as the generations go by, the effects grow more severe. Sadly enough, there is no currently established cure or the condition yet.


Expansion therapeutics is a firm that conducts research on RNA related illnesses and comes up with the medications to combat them. Recently Mr. Disney was appointed head researcher of a team that is to carry out more research on diseases related to RNA. This team was put together by the chairperson of the board at Expansion Therapeutics, Scot Rocklage. Their plan is to advance the field of small molecule medication in relation to RNA and in the process find a treatment for DMI and muscular dystrophy.


Scott Rocklage is a managing partner at 5 AM ventures as well as board chairman at Expansion Therapeutics. He has more than three decades of expertise in the healthcare management field. He also has an impressive education background, a Bachelor’s degree in Science from California’s Berkley University and a Chemistry Ph.D. from the Institute of Technology at Massachusetts where he carried research with the Chemistry Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Dr. Richard R. Schrock. Learn more:


Mr. Rocklage is also an inventor with more than thirty patents that he has either solely invented or collaboratively invented. His medical research has led him to three FDA approved medicines and several clinical trial medications. With the current team of researchers at Expansion Therapeutics, he is set to find medical solutions to the said RNA related disorders.