Securus Technologies: Improving the State of Security

Correctional facilities across North America has been partnering with Securus Technologies for so many years. The reputation that the telecommunication company built over time has helped them to become one of the leading service providers for the correctional facilities’ communication needs. They are serving more than 3,000 prisons across Canada and the United States, and there are more than one million inmates who are benefiting from their state of the art technology. Securus Technologies has been creating several devices in the past that has improved the quality of telecommunications from inside the prison to the outside world, and the inmates are thanking the company for their superior service.



One of the highly acclaimed products from Securus Technologies is their video calling platform which is believed to be the fastest on the planet. Jail officers have even considered replacing the traditional visitations with video calling technology because of its speed and efficiency. Through the years of research, Securus Technologies managed to perfect creating devices which can be used by the jail officers to protect themselves and to secure the correctional facilities and the public from any disturbances. Each device released by Securus Technologies is equipped with the technology that enables the jail officers to monitor and record each conversation that the inmates have. They are also using the software from Securus Technologies to investigate other crimes that are committed against the public.



The company is serious about protecting their products and services, and it was reported that they had spent more than $600 million just to have their patents and inventions protected. Securus Technologies continues their objective of providing only the best technology to the correctional facilities, as they unveiled their wireless containment system. The device can disable contraband cell phones that made it to the prison cells through smuggling. The rising number of prisoners caught using their contraband cell phones inside the correctional facility is a constant problem for the jail officers. In fact, one of the consultants of Securus Technologies who provided the idea of creating the wireless containment system is a former jail officer.



Robert Johnson, who is a North Carolina native, joined Securus Technologies after he was attacked inside his home by two men who are armed. Through later investigations, it was found out that the person behind his assassination is a prisoner detained at the same place where he worked. It was revealed to him that they have plotted to kill him because of his constant confiscation of their contraband cell phones, and the failed murder was planned through the use of contraband cell phones. Robert Johnson is not the first victim of murder orchestrated through the use of contraband cell phones, but the Securus Technologies consultant wanted him to be the last.