Talk Fusion University Lays the Ground Work for Sales Associates’ Success

Born a decade ago of an idea founder and CEO Bob Reina had for emailing videos Talk Fusion produces and sales Video Marketing Solutions. Over the last ten years, the company’s Video Marketing Packages have proven effective in helping Talk Fusion’s clients promote and grow their businesses. Operating in 140 countries Talk Fusion’s product line is sold by Independent Sales Associates.


Bob Reina runs Talk Fusion as both an entrepreneurial and philanthropic endeavor. In 2016 Mr. Reina made a record-setting $1 million contribution to an animal shelter in Tampa Bay Florida. Talk Fusion helps its sales associates to support their favorite charity. The company has authorized the free distribution of its Premier Video Marketing Suite to assist the fundraising efforts of each associates’ charity.


Seven months ago Talk Fusion founder and CEO Bob Reina announced the launch of “Talk Fusion University”. TFU is a virtual school that trains the company’s sales associates in the four-step selling method that led to Mr. Reina’s success in multi-level-marketing. Bob Reina himself serves as the class instructor.


Talk Fusion University is available to company associates only. Initially available in English and Bahasa the program will ultimately be available in eight other languages.


Talk Fusion University affords associates access to 30 videos. These videos walk associates through the procedure of explaining the company’s products.


  • Video Email
  • Video Newsletter
  • Live Meetings
  • Video Chat
  • Sign-Up Forms


Associates also learn how to explain the opportunities Talk Fusion offers. The company blog and assorted articles about Talk Fusion provide supplemental written material. As Bob Reina explains it, the success of the training hinges on the ability of every associate being able to replicate it.


Because Bob Reina is committed to helping others know the kind of success he has enjoyed there is no charge for access to TFU’s resources. Mr. Reina points that TFU provides the guidelines for success. Whether or not the individual succeeds is up to the individual.