The Brown Agency; Excellent and Experience Together

Through a mastermind move to unite two already monumental talent entities, Wilhemina Austin acquires Heyman Talent – South and the Brown Agency is born. This young vibrant company is not a naive version of the two previous companies. The September 2015 beginning of the Brown Agency combines the innovative leadership of Justin Brown and Michael B. Bonnée, the former head of Wilhemina Austin and founder of Heyman Talent – South respectively. Their experience and precise expertise identify the brightest and best as it relates to commercial talent. This keen selection of talent consistently attracts clients of national prestige. Clients such as L’Oréal, Dell, Toyota, and Louis Vuitton are just a few of the many who take advantage of the broad talent spectrum offered by the Brown Agency. Be it a still model set for promotional shots, a commercial to market a specific product or even a full-fledged fashion show on the runway, the Brown Agency’s clients have a treasure of talent to choose from. Any artistic need the client may have, the Brown Agency is poised to deliver on an excellent scale.



Picture this. A vintage designer has need of a living display of the new line for spring. The venue is selected and set to amaze. Before one Brown Agency model hits the stage, the ambiance of spectacular permeates the air. The lights dim. Spotlights circle slowly exploring the detail of the stage runway. Excitement is electric and tangible absolutely. Then the music sets the atmosphere. Intoxicating base notes and drums count out the rhythm. Smooth, almost hypnotic vocals echo lyrics from the venue’s sound system. The parade of elegance starts and transforms the audience into a state of awestruck admiration. Fierce eyes and inner brilliance shine simultaneously through the talented Brown Agency models. Long legs and sleek shoulders move each model down the runway with feline gracefulness. Each confident step reflects the indelible professional presence the Brown Agency has built within the competitive business of commercial talent displayed through modeling and/or acting. Literally setting style in motion, the Brown Agency has become the force to be reckoned with. Why? Because the Brown  not only supplies physical talent, the Brown Agency guarantees a remarkable experience. Remarkable experiences add an unforgettable cord of information throughout life. Clients remember remarkable experiences. Customers remember and are moved by remarkable experiences like the experiences the Brown Agency professionalism delivers.


Acting talent is another brilliant facet of the agency. The Brown Agency can successfully represent any product market presented. This agency is a most proficient one-stop shop with the best of modeling and commercial acting talent. Brown Agency clients expect the best and the best is exactly what they get. For more details you can checkout