The Impact Of Glenn Schlossberg On The Fashion Industry

Glenn Schlossberg is a New York City-based fashion designer. He founded Jump Design Group in 1990 and has been leading this organization as its principal ever since. Along the way, he has driven innovation in the fashion industry by following his core tenants of fast fashion and that every position in his company is of the utmost importance.

His father had been a dress maker and Glenn started helping him out while still a teen. He attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and after graduating decided to start a company that would produce well-made tailored clothing that was less expensive than his competition and faster to produce.

Before long people could buy his clothing all over the United States and then in other countries. His brands and designs can be found in many retailers, both physical and online, including Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, Zappos, and Macy’s. Among his company’s brands are Tiana B., Bebe, and Marina.

Glenn Schlossberg creates clothing lines that span from casual to formal. One thing that really sets him and Jump Design Group apart from the competition is that he uses domestic materials and labor to produce his clothing. His company only uses quality materials and he uses efficiency to stay abreast of where trends are headed.

He says that he wears a suit and tie every day of the week. He puts these on in the morning after working out and then has his chauffeur drive him to work during the weekdays. Once he gets to work he looks over the key metrics for his company’s daily operations. He wants to see where his sales are at year after year as well as inventory levels, overhead, and what the current profit margin of Jump Design Group is. He has a big sales meeting every Monday morning where everyone gathers in the company conference room and discusses their customers, best-selling products, and other matters.

Glenn Schlossberg finds inspiration for new designs in a number of ways. He says that he has been in the fashion game for so long that he has a pretty intuitive sense of what women are looking for. He follows the news and it informs him what a new trend will be. For example, when the stock market crashed in 2008 he could see that bright-colored clothes would be on the way out. He started to produce clothing with neutral tones which sold very well. To know more about Glenn Schlossberg visit