Todd Lubar; The Property Developer with a Stake in Baltimore

Todd Lubar is a real estate developer. Todd provided his perspective on the real estate market in Baltimore. The population of the area has been decreasing over the years, but there are some promising developments. There are plans to improve mobility in the area by expanding public transportation. This will allow residents to move around easily and make it convenient to live downtown. It will also grow the metropolitan areas because more people from the suburbs will be able to get into the city without worrying about parking.

Todd Lubar also discussed the future of the real estate industry in Baltimore. He started out by noting that the area had received a lot of negative press in recent times. Lubar said that this was not the real picture of Baltimore. Many people were missing out on opportunities by only focusing on this. He stated that there were a couple of trends in real estate development that were promising for developers in Charm City. He talked about the recent trend of converting older buildings and landmarks into modern apartment complexes. Lubar also mentioned the Bank of America building that had been turned into a luxurious apartment complex. Check out to know more.

According to Hackronym, Baltimore was experiencing an influx of millennials because it was a cheaper alternative to Washington D.C. Many young people and graduates were moving into the area because of its proximity and affordability. Lubar explained that the declining rates of unemployment would help to boost the purchasing power of millennials looking to purchase their first homes. Todd Lubar has been involved with the real estate industry of Baltimore for many years. Lubar has a degree in Speech Communication from Syracuse University. Todd Lubar started out at Crestar Mortgage Corporation after completing school. He left his position as a loan originator at the company to join Legacy Financial Group in 1999. Lubar thrived in this role and was able to increase the loan volume by several magnitudes. Lubar’s expertise led him to be recognized as one of the top mortgage originators in the country.

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