Vinod Gupta Career in Business

Vinod Gupta has had an exciting career. Growing up in India, he is thankful for all of the opportunities that he has today. He grew up without running water or electricity. Few people in his village ever left the area. Vinod Gupta decided to attend a local college. After graduating, he wanted to serve his country in the Indian Air Force. He advanced quickly, and he was eventually promoted several times. He left the Indian Air Force in 1971 to pursue an MBA from the University of Nebraska. He was sad to leave his home country, but he knew the United States offered great opportunities.

First Job

After getting an MBA from the University of Nebraska, Vinod Gupta received a job as an analyst at a local company. He enjoyed the work, and he made significant money. He decided to start a company in his spare time. It took him several years to develop the company. The company eventually became a massive success.


Vinod Gupta is an influential fundraiser for the Democratic Party. He is a firm believer that he should use his wealth to advance political causes around the world. Vinod Gupta spent a lot of time with President Clinton during his presidency. He learned valuable lessons about interacting with political leaders.

Vinod Gupta was appointed as the ambassador to Fiji for several years. He moved his family to Fiji to take the job. He had a great experience learning about foreign relations during this time.

Future Goals

Vinod Gupta spends most of his time working with charities around the world. He is passionate about making the world a better place. He recently donated a considerable sum of money to a school in India where he grew up.